Time is, for many of us, a mystical phenomenon and has been measured in many different ways throughout history. Every country, city and even villages has had it’s own perception of time.

We are all experiencing the passing of time. It transforms into memories and becomes visible through irreversible processes, like aging. Today time is often associated with stress. A lot of people experience the need for slowing down and finding time for themselves. Clong embodies an individual perception of time.

Candlelight is often associated with a warm, peaceful atmosphere, but the candle’s ability to burn for only a limited time is also a reminder of the transience of life. Bronze is a material that changes over time and was chosen as a reminder that every moment has its own beauty. By placing the bronze pins into the candle, a melody is created as the wax melts and they fall against the surface of the candle holder. 

The candles are made by hand out of beeswax. The wax has a natural wonderful scent.

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